Ronin – useful links

I’ve been trawling the web for miniatures, scenery and the like, so here’s a little list of links where some of the best can be found. They’re all for 28mm size miniatures, by the way – which gives for a great game and looks terrific:
The rules and associated downloads:[blog]/osprey_wargames_resources/
Northstar: lovely Steve Saleh sculpts, with a good mix of miniatures in each buntai. Mythological, Korean and Ming buntai in the pipeline, it seems.
Alan Perry’s samurai: ’nuff said.
Kingsford Miniatures: growing range of pewter minis recently on show in WSS67 (which also contained a good run-down of available figures).
Steel Fist Miniatures: currently redesigning their samurai range after pulling back from a Kickstarter; also do 15th C European knights.
Wargames Factory: plastic samurai, ashigaru and mounted samurai – cheap, versatile, and a world away from some of their other historical sculpts.
Kensai (Zenit Miniatures): Japanese in all but name, with some really nice mythological creatures too!

Dixon Miniatures: nominally 25mm, but slightly larger in reality. Wide range.

Old Glory UK “Samurai Katana”. Great range, including “The Seven Samurai”. These are 28mm.

Old Glory US “Samurai Wars”. Listed in the Fantasy section, these are 25mm.
Wargames Foundry: originally Citadel “Oriental Heroes”, from 1984.
EM4: nicely-sculpted pre-painted minis, but only a small range.
Laser-cut loveliness from these two:
Oshiro: awesome range of resin buildings and scenics – specialising in Oriental architecture.
John Jenkins Designs: beautiful samurai house with walls.
Hovels: complete village and accessories (including children with a kite!), painted or unpainted:
Grand Manner: not an extensive range, but plenty of yurts!–category–6.html
Renaissance:a complete laser-cut Eastern Asian village (and some boats!) was offered in a Kickstarter, but hasn’t made it to their webstore (yet)


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